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Title Design
The Birds - Movie Title Design

This is a modern redesign of Alfred Hitchcock's "The Birds."

I was very interested in one's evil perception of the birds. My goal was to set the mood for the classic film and aim for a horror/creepy vibe. I employed bold colors (red, black, and tan) with integrated grunge textures to imply dirtiness. Anticipation was another main feeling I wanted to illustrate. This was achieved by slow motion shots overlaid with quick movements. Ultimately this will keep the audience’s attention while symbolizing a bird’s natural, quick and unpredictable movements.

Conceptually, I really wanted to convey that the birds organized themselves in a purely sinister way. I thought about how I could do this, and ultimately decided it would be interesting to show images or footage of a bird, but made up of many smaller birds. I wanted to convey the birds in a "larger than life" sense. Overlaying aerial footage inside the birds also presented another interesting visual concept – that they see all and know all.


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Masters Final


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Art Direction / Design


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