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HPE x Mercedes F1 Business Opportunity

 Formula 1 racing is a quintessential example of the need to gather crucial data and analytics ahead of your rivals. The Mercedes-AMG Petronas F1 team relies on everything from data collection, to simulation, to design, to race day analytics in order to make great decisions – with one business goal in mind: to win.

I was approached to create and animate the visual language of HPE’s technology in a dynamic/tangible way. In the sponsorship video, HP data anticipates Lewis Hamilton’s every need to prepare him for an F1 racing event. Living data can be seen building on and interacting with its surroundings to provide the fastest intel for a competitive edge. I used C4D + Redshift for building the 3D elements and After Effects for motion tracking, roto and final compositing.

Creative Director: Aaron Barry
Producer: Kristen Hulsey
Lead Designer + VFX Animator: Cody Courmier
Supporting Animator: Nick Piltch
Lead Editor: Rebecca Grace 

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