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King Tut
The Third Floor was honored recently for "Best VR Education/Museum Experience” at the Lumiere Awards for "Tutankhamen: Enter the Tomb," an immersive attraction created with VR studio CityLights that is now headlining the new King Tut 100-year traveling exhibition. The attraction has been hugely popular in its opening in London, and is a great example of using today's storytelling and virtual tools to take modern viewers to a place and time they could never have experienced.
The virtual experience of “Tutankhamen: Enter the Tomb” is enhanced through audio as well as motion (which users experience in a seat) and The Third Floor collaborated with CityLights to tie the virtual visuals with sound and movement cues. A motion path was encoded into an immersive chair, along with an immersive stereo-spatial audio track, allowing the audience to feel and hear what they are seeing in a way never experienced before.
I was tasked with creating the main Key Art poster for marketing and advertisements.

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City Lights Production


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