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Title Design + Animation

The Last Days of Ptolemy Grey

This title sequence is from Apple TV Plus’ The Last Days of Ptolemy Grey, starring Samuel L. Jackson. The series is based on the best-selling novel by Walter Mosely, who also executive produces.

The sketches were hand-drawn by charcoal artists Riad and Thomas Cian. They were then passed on to the animation team, led by director Eric Demeusy and his team at Los Angeles-based creative studio to add motion and fluidity using a hybrid of cel and 2D/3D digital animation, again according to Arisu.TV.

I was tapped to handle title design and animation throughout the sequence. I used heavy texturing to wipe on the text and elements in order to make it a living charcoal style.

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Stash Media


Design Studio: ARISU
Creative Director + Lead Designer: Arisu Kashiwagi
Illustrators: Riad, Thomas Cian, Arisu Kashiwagi
Producer: Anna Kim
Animation Studio: R79 Digital
Animation Director + Lead Animator: Eric Demeusy
3D Animator: Bhakti Patel
Cel Animators: Mikhail Pakhomov, Stephanie Simpson
Animator: Cody Courmier
Editor: Rachel Ambelang
R79 Digital Producer: Dmitry Fitisov
Composer: Craig DeLeon

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Apple TV


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Title Design


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